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Asbestos Consulting - Introduction

    KAM supports our building owners and operators by ensuring compliance with federal, state, and local regulations pertaining to asbestos management.

    To achieve this, KAM provides a comprehensive approach for the removal or in-place management of asbestos in all types of buildings.

    The accumulated experience of our staff ensures effective resolution of asbestos related issues at the lowest possible cost. KAM provides the following range of asbestos-related consulting services:

Asbestos - Building Inspection

EPA AHERA Certified Building Inspectors perform the following:

(1) Comprehensively identify suspect asbestos-containing materials.

(2) Assess the friability and condition of the suspect materials.

(3) Collect a representative number of samples to accurately characterize the percentage, type, and location of asbestos containing material present in the suspect material.

(4) Determine the appropriate type of laboratory analysis to yield accurate results.

(5) Issue a detailed and customized report at the end of the project that can be used to determine the best and most cost effective approach to managing asbestos-containing materials.

Asbestos: Project Design

    Project design services include the development of project design specifications where emphasis is placed on engineering controls, safe work practices, and personnel protection.

     KAM's design specifications are written in such a manner that will ultimately protect the building owner during the course of the abatement project but will also provide the selected abatement contractor with all the required information to perform the abatement activities, both regulatory and industry standard wise, in a comprehensive yet easy to follow format.

Asbestos - Project Management

    KAM also provides project management and oversight to our building owners during the course of an abatement project. Building owners have come to rely on KAM's professional team of project managers and oversight technicians during asbestos abatement projects as they provide peace-of-mind in the form of comprehensive and reliable communication pertaining to all aspects of the project.

    KAM project managers either assist building owners with overall project management or will, at the owner's request, perform all management related activities thereby reducing the time constraint placed on the building owner by the very nature of asbestos abatement projects. In this way our building owners will have peace-of-mind knowing that fully trained and conscientious project managers are working for them to ensure a successful abatement project allowing them to focus on other equally important tasks.

    KAM oversight technicians further provide peace-of-mind to our building owners by conducting daily oversight in the form of work area inspections, air monitoring, on-site sample analysis, and project progress reports. The technician provides daily written reports to the project manager who in turn reports to the building owner on a daily, weekly or as stipulated by the owner basis. KAM custom tailors the reports provided to the building owner making available as much or as little information as requested.

    After abatement is completed, KAM will provide to the building owner all required documentation in the form of a close out report, which documents the safety and health aspects of the project. This includes proof of worker certification and medical records, daily logs, sample analysis reports, laboratory reports (where appropriate), disposal manifests, and final project clearance documents.

Asbestos - Post-Abatement Clearance Inspections

    KAM provides the building owner with regulatory compliance and peace-of-mind with a comprehensive post abatement clearance inspection. A thorough visual inspection of the abatement work area(s) is performed by a certified and trained technician. Following the visual approval by the technician air samples are collected and analyzed on-site for maximum efficiency. A written certificate of clearance is issued on-site followed by a formal report including all supporting documentation.

Asbestos - Management Plans/Operations & Maintenance

    KAM has extensive experience with the generation of Management Plans for building owners who cannot abate asbestos-containing materials for one reason or another.

    The implementation of an effective O&M program is the key to managing asbestos-containing materials in place. KAM professionals develop site/building specific O&M programs that include:

A list of All Asbestos Containing Materials (ACM)
Location of ACM
Condition of ACM
Recommended Response Actions for Damaged ACM
Procedures and Forms for Periodic Re-inspections
Education and Training Requirements
Medical Surveillance Requirements
Respiratory Protection Requirements
Periodic Air Monitoring Requirements
Record Keeping Requirements
Communication with Tenants Requirements
Special O&M Procedures to Control Disturbance During Repair or Maintenance
Emergency Procedures
Waste Disposal Procedures and Tracking of Hazardous Waste Manifests

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