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Microbial Consulting

    KAM assists building owners and operators with the management of microbial issues that have become prevalent in recent years.

     Our staff has a wide variety of experience with all facets of microbial contamination and its effects on buildings and occupants.

    KAM can assist building owners or occupants with the initial investigation of a known or suspected problem, prepare a site-specific remedial plan, provide oversight during remediation, and perform post-remediation clearance inspections.

Building Investigations

    KAM utilizes current industry accepted standards and equipment to perform initial building investigations. Microbial investigations are unique to each building and therefore are never considered standard. KAM's staff designs an investigation around the concerns of the building owner and tailors it to provide a thorough and cost effective approach to determining if a problem does indeed exist and what the extent of that problem is. A comprehensive written report is prepared which includes an executive summary in plain English, the results of the visual inspection, a summary of the analytical results, health effects, and a recommendations section.

Remediation Plans

    The information provided from the initial investigation and the analytical results of any sampling performed are used in the preparation of the Remediation Plan or Scope of Work. It is important for the building owner or operator to remember that microbial issues while not regulated are every bit as real as their more tangible counterparts Asbestos and Lead-Based Paint. KAM's staff has supervised and been involved with many microbial remediation projects and can develop a customized written plan to fit your project needs.

Project Oversight and Clearance Inspections

    During remedial efforts KAM can reassure the building owner or operator that the project is properly supervised confirming that the remedial contractor follows not only the scope of work but does so in a manner consistent with current guidelines and ensures that projects meet their intended goals while controlling liability to the owner(s) and others involved.

    Clearance inspections are performed prior to re-occupancy of the affected area(s). KAM's staff has performed numerous clearance inspections and has the ability to quickly and efficiently determine if an area is fit to re-occupy by performing a visual inspection combined with the collection of air samples to determine the effectiveness of the remedial effort.

    Post-remedial closeout documentation is important to the building owner or operator in that it is tangible evidence confirming that the affected area was properly taken care of from start to finish. KAM can provide all necessary documentation to closeout the project, which includes preparation of a final report to verify the effectiveness of the remedial action taken and the safety and health aspects of the work performed.

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