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Lead Hazard Consulting


     KAM provides complete lead-based paint consulting services using "state of the art" practices, protocols, and technologies from sources, such as the US EPA, HUD, and ASTM. The following is a list of services offered:

Lead-Based Paint Inspections/Risk Assessments

     KAM's fully trained, licensed, and experienced staff has conducted numerous lead-based paint (LBP) inspections and risk assessments for various clients and under a variety of circumstances.

     LBP inspections are conducted using the latest "state-of-the-art" equipment and non-destructive testing methods. KAM utilizes a Niton XLp 303A x-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer which has a high degree of accuracy in the detection of lead in paint. Additionally, this instrument has the capability of performing filter, wipe, and soil sample analysis (non HUD approved) on-site.

     Risk Assessments are usually performed at the time of an initial LBP inspection and are used to determine the degree of risk associated with deteriorated paint found to contain lead.

     KAM provides clients with high quality inspections/assessments, and comprehensive reports utilizing the protocols as set forth by HUD and EPA.

     Lead-Based Paint Inspections and/or Risk Assessments may be required under the following circumstances:

     EPA/HUD Lead Disclosure: All known lead-based paint hazards are to be disclosed prior to the sale or lease of target (pre-1978) housing and an information booklet must be given out to potential buyers and renters. Potential buyers have a 10-day period to secure a lead-based paint inspection or risk assessment at their own expense.

     Exemption: If no lead-based paint is found at the time of inspection, the owner is exempt from disclosure requirements to renters of multi-family housing.

     HUD Federally Funded/Assisted: HUD published, in September 1999, regulations for lead-based paint standards in all housing receiving Federal funds or assistance. KAM's staff is familiar with and ready to assist clients with the implementation of these varied requirements.

     EPA Disclosure and Education Prior to Renovation: The EPA now requires all renovation and remodeling service providers to distribute an information pamphlet, "Protect Your Family from Lead in Your Home" to residents prior to disturbing more than 2 square feet in a property built prior to 1978.

     Exemption: There are no disclosure requirements if a lead-based paint inspection was conducted on components being disturbed and no lead-based paint was identified.

     Liability Reduction: A property owner may want a lead-based paint inspection and/or risk assessment conducted just for piece of mind or to reduce future potential liability at the time of rental or sale of the property.

Abatement Specifications

     Following the lead-based paint inspection and risk assessment phase of a project is the evaluation phase where the decisions to abate or not to abate, what and where to abate, and the selection of abatement methods needs to be made. This is a critical phase for any LBP project as the specification is the "go to" document for the contractor or contractors, the consultant, regulatory agencies, and the owner when decisions need to be made during the course of abatement.

     The specification must be clear and concise with an eye towards regulatory compliance as well as fiscal responsibility to the client. KAM develops customized specifications for each project type whether complete abatement of all LBP is the goal or a combination of abatement and interim control measures.

Project Management/Oversight

     After developing the abatement specifications, the regulatory requirements and protocols need to be understood, applied, and the work plan implemented. KAM can assure that the project is properly engineered from the establishment and implementation of programs for worker protection, testing of debris, and verification of proper waste disposal to ensuring compliance with all federal, state, and local agencies throughout the duration of the project.

     KAM believes that through diligent project management and oversight the most important aspect of any project can be met which is to achieve the intended goals while controlling liability to the owner(s) and others involved.

Post Abatement Inspections/Clearance Testing

     KAM provides the building owner with regulatory compliance and peace-of-mind with a comprehensive post abatement clearance inspection. A thorough visual inspection of the abatement work area(s) is performed by a certified and trained technician. Following the visual approval by the technician wipe samples (or in some cases air samples) are collected and analyzed by a certified laboratory. A written report including all supporting documentation is issued to the client upon receipt of the laboratory analytical results. This service can also be applied to work areas where interim control measures were conducted.

In-Place Management (O&M) Programs

     The In-Place Management program is a realistic, economical approach to living with lead-based paint. The objective is to minimize exposure to lead by educating staff and tenants on the proper handling, maintenance, and clean up of lead-based paint hazards. Reducing and controlling hazards and potential hazards can be accomplished through operations and maintenance programs and instituting essential maintenance practices.

KAM professionals develop site/building specific In Place Management (O&M) Programs that include:

Location and Condition of LBP Containing Components

Procedures and Forms for Periodic Re-inspections

Education and Training Requirements

Medical Surveillance Requirements

Respiratory Protection Requirements

Periodic Air Monitoring Requirements

Record Keeping Requirements

Communication with Tenants Requirements

Emergency Procedures

Waste Disposal Procedures and Tracking of Hazardous Waste Manifests

Special O&M Procedures to Control LBP Hazards During Repair, Renovation, or Routine Maintenance

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